Startup funding for entrepreneurs, startup companies, and nonprofit organizations.

Project Proposals


NCFP provides services to primarily to organizations located in the Northern California Bay Area. However, we will consider taking on projects based outside of the area but only if we determine that the overhead associated with supporting the project is reasonable.


You do not need to be referred by a qualified reference, but we will give preference to projects referred by persons and organizations with which we have an established relationship.

Types of Projects

We will entertain undertaking many different kinds of projects, either for-profit and nonprofit, in a variety of industries and causes. Our expertise is applicable in general to a wide variety of projects, but we reserve the right to decline projects requiring special expertise, licenses, or permissions that are outside of the scope of our mission.

Submitting a Project Proposal

Project proposals may be submitted openly or confidencially, whichever is most appropriate to the submitting party. Know that we do not share your project information with third parties, but we do try to minimize the overhead associated with reviewing project proposals. NCFP reserves the right to decline to review project proposals should the associated legal costs are judged to be onerous.