Startup funding for entrepreneurs, startup companies, and nonprofit organizations.


Entrepreneurs setting out with new ventures need help managing the ideas, planning, and execution an ongoing basis. They need a business partner committed to their success in the short-term and the long-term. While consultants can deliver added value, they are not positioned to best serve the interests of a startup company.


NCFP offers a unique service that delivers the benefits of a consulting firm in the form of a business partnership. We offer expertise, coaching, and help executing on a day-to-day basis.


There are many avenues for preparing a project for funding, but the best have priced themselves beyond the reach of most small nonprofits and startup companies.

NCFP addresses the needs of small organizations that have viable projects but do not have, and cannot afford, the expertise and resources necessary to prepare their project for funding. These organizations can be nonprofits seeking to develop long-term sources of funding or for-profit companies seeking capital to launch or grow their business.


The stumbling block for many projects is the difficulty in obtaining funding. Whether the goal is financing a nonprofit organization or obtaining investment in a for-profit company, there always remains the problem of determining an appropriate strategy for securing financing.

Many projects will simply not be funded. Some will not be feasible. Others will lack a management team with the requisite expertise and commitment necessary to execute. There are even good projects staffed by experienced and talented people that will be denied funding because the targeted sources of funding have committed to funding different kinds of projects or even because the potential investors already have invested in similar project and needs to diversify their portfolios.
NCFP sponsors projects with the potential to be excellent investment opportunities and makes them fundable through both standard and unconventional sources of financing.



NCFP provides a unique service to investors. Instead of walking away from investments that are not suitable for investment, we offer an investor the opportunity to fund these projects once they have been restructured as high-quality investment opportunities.


Investors dedicate large amounts of resources in the form of both time and money to identify fundable projects. Even then the best opportunities usually have fatal flaws that preclude funding. Since investors are rarely in the business of restructuring companies they do not own, their only option is to walk away from these projects.


We address this problem by giving investors the opportunity to refer projects they do not wish to abandon. NCFP reviews the proposed project, determines whether it can be turned into a viable opportunity, and, if so, restructures the venture and returns it to the referring investor for funding.