Startup funding for entrepreneurs, startup companies, and nonprofit organizations.


What kind of organization is NorCal Funding Project Inc.?

NCFP is a 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation with the right to receive donations and to provide services to the community. NCFP does not grant or give moneys to other organizations.

How are projects screened?

NCFP reviews submitted projects looking at a number of different criteria. The primary objective is to determine which projects NCFP has the resources and expertise to handle.

Do we require compensation for initial investment in a project?

No. All initial investment by NCFP in a project up to $5000 in resources is provided at no charge to the client, nor does NCFP demand commissions or other forms of compensation. This stage of investment is provided purely as a donative service.

Does NCFP accept compensation for its services?

NCFP does enter into agreements for compensation for its services only when the client is ready for outside investment and agrees to retain NCFP to assist in the funding process.

Do we work under non-disclosure?

Yes. We will execute our standard non-disclosure agreement when contracting with a client. We will not enter into a non-disclosure until that time, and we insist on using our own non-disclosure.

Do we support projects outside the United States?

We will work with projects operating outside the United States but only if the project can be expected to create economic benefit and/or jobs inside the United States.

Do we accept referrals from investors?

Yes. We give preference to projects that are referred by investors. If you or your organization are interested in investing in a project that requires additional preparation before it is an acceptable investment opportunity, we will review the project and, if we decide to turn it around, we will send it back to you for funding.

Do we provide our services pro bono?

Yes. We do assist some nonprofit organizations without compensation. Please submit the precise service(s) your organization requires, and we will consider your request.