The Advantages Of Nicotine-Free Vaping

The Advantages Of Nicotine-Free Vaping

Since I started my e-cig journey almost five years ago, I’ve repeatedly gone back and forth between medium-nicotine and nicotine-free vaping. Very like a person adjustments brands of soda, or even forms of tobacco, tastes and preferences can change over time.

But when my non-vaping associates study that I’ve used nicotine-free e-liquids from time to time, they at all times respond with confusion, wondering why I’d trouble smoking—or vaping—without the presence of nicotine. I try to tell them that nicotine isn’t what makes me choose to vape, but they’re too busy lighting their -humped Turkish death sticks to listen. After a while, I concede the battle and stop trying.

But it surely does make you wonder, Why would somebody hassle utilizing an e-cig without the presence of nicotine? Even should you hated smoking, wouldn’t nicotine should be current in your e-liquid to make it value your time and money?

Seems, for a lot of vapers, nicotine-free e-cigs aren't solely value it, they enhance the vaping experience. Here’s why …

An All-New Sensation (and we’re not speaking about One Direction)

Once I switched from cigarettes to e-cigs , I absolutely anticipated to be less than happy with my decision. No matter how a lot my shiny new e-cig resembled the "real thing," how may a battery and cartomizer possibly replicate the unmistakable burning aroma of smoking?

Then I tried it.

And I rapidly learned that my long-term smoking behavior had nothing in any respect to do with tobacco, fire, or smoke. It had to do with sensation – specifically, the sensations of inhaling pure taste, adopted by a satisfying exhale.

Earlier than long, I deserted my tobacco cartomizers for more unique flavor combinations. The vapor was so take pleasure inable, for my subsequent buy, I made a decision to attempt nicotine-free e-liquids. Although utilizing e-cigs bore little resemblance to cigarette smoking, I realized that for me it was all in regards to the experience of holding the e-cig, puffing on it, and exhaling savory vapor.

Although I now sometimes use nicotine-based e-liquids, more typically than not, the pure enjoyment of a flavorful, nicotine-free puff provides all the satisfaction I need. Based on the sheer number of nicotine-free vapers we encounter each day, I’m hardly alone. For most who try e-cigs, the act of vaping rapidly becomes an experience unique unto itself, with no need for nicotine to get pleasure from a puff or three.

Don’t Forget the Flavor

For all the those that need to make thick e-cig vapor clouds, just as many are desirous about new ways to expertise flavor.

Vaping zero nicotine allows this hardy bunch to enjoy e-liquid flavors with out the presence of nicotine. You see, nicotine is a contributing factor to throat hit, which many vapers find important to the experience. However, for individuals who need smooth, unadulterated taste, nicotine can hinder the vape, fairly than improve it.

This is especially true for vapers who take pleasure in mint and menthol e-liquids, which have sharper, more aggressive throat hits because of their taste profiles. For these customers, nicotine would possibly make the menthol flavors too harsh — lessening overall enjoyment.

Nicotine, by itself, is essentially tasteless however maintains subtle "pepper-like" notes that may affect Naked e juice-liquid taste. Most don’t discover its presence, and often get pleasure from the way it adds to the experience. However for individuals who don’t need even the slightest alteration to their favourite e-liquid flavors, nicotine-free juices are a welcome option.

As you could have heard, e-cigs have gotten a multi-billion greenback trade because of the choice offered by firms like Halo. Vaping is not outlined by its resemblance to smoking but has instead change into a wholly new way to satisfy cravings, chock full of options to craft an excellent experience.