Window Genie Tools And Techniques You Won't Find At Home

Window Genie Tools And Techniques You Won't Find At Home

Thousands of people across America have recognized the incredible value offered by Window Genie's full suite of home maintenance services.
Even members of the proud DIY crowd reluctantly have to admit that some home care jobs, namely those gutter cleaning and pressure washing chores that put you and your home at risk, are better left to the professionals. Our highly trained Window Genie workers have access to some of the best tools and training in the industry, both of which are often available for hire for less than DIYers would spend buying the equipment themselves!

Curious about what you'll find inside our GenieMobiles that you won't find in your garage (or skill set)? Read on to learn about some Window Genie tools and techniques you won't find at home.
Industrial-strength pressure washers
Pressure washing may look as simple as point-and-shoot, but that really isn't the case. In fact, improper use of pressure washing equipment can damage your deck, or carve into your home's siding. The DIYers out there might suggest consulting YouTube or How-To articles for technical advice, but the truth is that the pressure washers you find available for rent do not abide by any factory standards.

The pressure washer you rent or buy may be in questionable condition, or handle entirely differently than the model you are reading about using. The learning curve required for proper pressure washing may surprise you, and nobody wants to use their property for a test-run.
Window Genie arrives on scene with industrial-strength pressure washing equipment, and the skills and experience required to give you a stunning clean without any collateral damage. Why pay for a questionable rental that you have no idea how to use, when that same expense could cover most of the cost of a flawless professional clean that will wow guests and improve the lifespan of your siding, deck, driveway, or pavement?

Industry-leading ladder systems
Our gutter cleaning service is far from basic. We take safety and quality equally seriously with every clean, using high-quality ladders outfitted with leg levers and equipment racks. This stable working surface combines with solid safety training so that our only concern on that ladder is to give you the best possible gutter cleaning.
In the unlikely event of a fall, our workers are all fully insured so that you can remain worry-free even in worst-case scenarios.

WG-57 - Versatile cleaning power in a can
Our WG-57 glass cleaner is perfect for everything from window cleaning to polishing tennis shoes! With 57 uses and counting, WG-57 is one of the most versatile cleaners on the market. Our Window Genie workers use this product on every job for its streak-free finish, mild scent, nearly instant evaporation, and ability to cling to any surface.
This ammonia-free glass cleaner actually guards against future dust build-up, and cuts through greases and polish with equal ease. Homeowners will be happy to know that WG-57 is now available for purchase. Though you cannot buy sublime squeegee skills and a decades of high-level experience, purchasing a can of WG-57 will put you on the path towards a better DIY clean!

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